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My Lovely Parent Review

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MyLovelyParent is a dating site with a difference: you search for dates for your parents. This isn’t done in secret as you can email them any results and recommendations, but it’s designed so that friends and relatives can help to find dates for important people in their lives.

The basic premise of this website is an interesting one. Rather than building their own profile, your parent (or your friend or relative) has you build it for them. You can therefore say how wonderful they are, without them seeming big headed. You can upload photos, add information on their hobbies, past and more.

Once a profile has been created, the system requests that you send a message to your parent, letting them know that it’s been done. From there, they can log in to check their profile and other members’ profile pages. Perhaps a little creepy, the person who set up the account can also keep tabs on their parent’s online activity (although not in too much detail). 

At the moment of our review, the search feature was very limited. MyLovelyParent.com suggested that their search feature would be updated and improve once their membership numbers increase. This implies that membership is a little low, but that’s probably not too surprising since quite a few relatives and friends could struggle with the concept of the site, and the potential “stepping on toes” that might occur through setting up a dating profile for another person.

Still, it seems to make sense if you have a relative or friend who isn’t too serious about these things, and they can always opt to delete the profile if they wish. If they decide to go ahead with using the site, you can opt to receive alerts whenever they check on your recommendations, send messages and more. 

Full membership allows your relative to communicate with other members. You can purchase this on their behalf or allow them to do so once they’ve decided to use the site. 1 month is quite expensive, but the price drops significantly if they decide to take a longer contract. This still isn’t particularly cheap, especially since membership numbers aren’t particularly impressive. 

MyLovelyParent would benefit from more development. There are very few features, and it’s actually hard to tell what’s being provided in terms of communication tools. The site is very low on details, and some further information, even just added to the FAQ, would be a real benefit. 

We liked the fact that this website offered some support and advice for their users. This has clearly been tailored towards a more mature market, as it includes articles such as “hobbies for older people” and “computer lessons in your home” but there are also a few articles for the children of older parents, including “helping your parents online”. 

Whilst My Lovely Parent is a bit underwhelming in its current state, at least it’s trying to do something a bit different. It’s designed for over 50s parents, whose children, friends or other relatives want them to find love again. It’s set up in such a way that privacy is maintained whilst the account holder can still explore other members and recommend them. The concept seems a good one, allowing for a relaxed area where people can try to hype up the positive characteristics of their friends and family, helping them on their journey towards a new dating life. 

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