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How to Choose the Right Single Parent Dating Website

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Are you a single parent? Would you like to meet someone special who knows how important your family is to you? Single parent dating websites connect mums and dads, allowing them to chat online before meeting offline. Build a unique profile page, share photos and talk to other single parents from around the world! You can even find dating advice, parenting tips, use a webcam to chat, or talk to whole communities of single parents with something to say. If you're a parent who would like a bit more romance in their life, look no further - single parent dating websites are here to help!


Why Choose a Single Parent Dating Website?

Another week of work over. Find the corkscrew, open that bottle of vino de terrible. Order a pizza. Put on a movie. Relax. Your ex has the kids this weekend, so you’ve plenty of time for yourself. On your own. Might be nice if you had someone to share it with, right?

Finding a date is hard for anyone, but it can be even tougher when you’re a single parent. For a start, you don’t always have a lot of time to go hunting for a date. And then, when you do find someone you like, broaching the subject of “the kids” isn’t easy. Not everyone wants to be involved with a new family, not everyone is interested in children. So, what can you do?

Put down that corkscrew! You need those fingers for typing and clicking! If you’re a single parent who is hoping to meet someone special, and who is in a similar boat to you, we’ve just the thing: single parent dating websites. In brief, these websites are for single parents who want to chat to other single parents online. Once you’ve established a few members you like, you can arrange to meet up off-line and see how things flourish.

We’ve reviewed an array of dating sites for single people with children, each one offering you something a little different. There are pros and cons to each site, and we’ve looked at them all, compared and contrasted them, to bring you a comprehensive list of the best parental dating sites around.


What Are The Most Important Features To Look Out For?

Before you start reading our reviews, though, there are a few things you ought to know. We use a star rating system to give a visual impression of how good a site is when compared with its peers. We also provide a breakdown of costs, a list of each site’s key features, some details as to the kinds of traits you can search for, and a written verdict from our editor.

When deciding on how highly a site should be scored, we consider a variety of things. Stay tuned, because we’re going to explain these criteria right now...

  • Chances of getting a date
    There’s not a great deal of purpose in joining a dating site if nobody else does, right? We perform searches to find out how many results you might retrieve. We also consider how effective the site’s features are in helping you to communicate effectively with members. With these things in place, your chances of getting a date are vastly improved. Look out for websites which offer a lot of results when you search through their members. Most people want to date locally, particularly if they have a family, since they can’t often just cross continents to see if they like someone in the flesh.
  • Features
    Consider the variety of tools at your disposal. Do you want to just send emails, or do you prefer to communicate in an instant chat? If you would like to hear someone’s voice and talk over the phone, are there options to help you do this? Some sites even provide video options so you can use your webcam to see and hear members when you’re online. Extra useful features include forums and chat rooms, which can provide great opportunities to communicate with several members at once. A number of the sites we’ve reviewed offer very similar features, so if you want something a little different, then check the list of features to see what’s available.
  • Quality / size of members’ photos
    The main way that you can judge whether someone is physically attractive to you is to look at their online photos. All members are encouraged to upload recent, clear photos, so you should find that this isn’t much of a problem. However, the quality and quantity can vary. A few sites allow you to request more photos, or even to upload photographs which aren’t public (and are only available once you’ve allowed someone special access to them).
  • Help Files / technical support
    If something goes wrong, you might need help. Many of the single parent dating sites we’ve reviewed will offer live support. It’s also important to check the FAQ, as this is the place you’ll find most answers to frequently asked questions. Again, forums and chat rooms help with this because you can ask other members for help. In addition, if you’re interested in getting safety or dating advice, this can often be found. Articles and blog posts can offer further support if required.
  • Ease of use / navigation
    The sites we’ve reviewed tend to be very easy to use and most people shouldn’t struggle with them. However, if you’re new to online dating, then it may take a little practice to get used to how the websites function. Usually, you build a profile page which advertises your best traits to people. Then, you can perform a search for members who suit your preferences. After that you just write them a message, and you’re away! Some sites might offer other features which are more complex to use, but on the whole you shouldn’t encounter problems if you’ve used the internet before.
  • Ease of joining / registration
    Dating websites often have long registration processes. This is mainly because you have to include a lot of information about your life, preferences and more. If you would prefer to try out a website without having to include reams of personal information, look for a site which scores highly in the “ease of joining” region. Many sites will allow you to skip sections and then return to complete them once you have decided to use the site regularly. 
  • Value for money
    Some sites are more expensive than others, but not all of the websites we’ve reviewed offer the same standard of service. As such, cheaper sites aren’t always better value. We compare the price of membership packages across the spectrum of sites, taking their features and other factors into account. The best dating sites will offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, with great savings on longer contracts. Consider how long you’d like to use a website, what you need from it and what you can afford. If a website can fulfil all of those requirements, it’s probably worth investigating further.


The Bottom Line

That’s all the advice we have for now. Single mother and father dating websites can really help people to connect when they have a family to care for. Check out a few of the sites we’ve reviewed, and pour an extra glass of wine!